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Evolution may at first sound like common sense  -- until you look at little closer....



Evolutonary filter on  your worldview glasses?

Science is a great tool but has real limitations, especially when it comes to origins.



Isn't science supposed to be about truth?

Thought evolution was fact?

Think again and look behind the glossy facacde.



Evolution: scientific fact or facade?

Nothing turned itself into everything -- including you and me?



So you believe in miracles?


Good vs evil

Illustration of mutations in evolution:


1. take an endless supply of smartphones, then...

2. smash phones into a brick wall ...

3. repeat until damage creates new models with improved features and software with better screens, cameras, and  technology.


Mutations -- the big cover up

You see a helicopter with the latest GPS and infra red camera equipment, with on-board computerised communications & everything works beautifully.


You just know every part of that helicopter had to be designed!



Design & Irreducible complexity

'Life's a bunch of chemicals?'


Liquidise a frog and you'll have a cup of chemicals but no life.   All life depends upon a very precise message contained in its DNA.





Where did it come from?


The Nazis loved Darwin's theory  so much they established the Third Reich on its principles: Survival of the fittest and elimination of the weakest.






Does evolution support evil?


'If Evolution is true - where are the examples?


Unfortunately for evolutionists, it's not a pretty picture.





Dirty Little Secrets.


Evolution: survival of the fittest pitted against elimination of the weakest.


Ever stopped to think where your sense of wonder, laughter, music creativity and more fits in?



You are so much more than a mutant accident.


Evolution: People are evolved mutated scum in an accidental universe without purpose.


Christianity: The universe is God's handiwork and people were created in God's image with a purpose.


Mutant or creation?

Which requires more faith -- that complete nothingness turned itself into you and me - or that we were intelligently created?